The European Commission has launched an Online Meeting Point for discussion on the future of the Erasmus+ programme

As part of the anniversary celebrations of the Erasmus+ programme, a new initiative has been launched called the Erasmus+ Generation Online Meeting Point. This Meeting Point is an open space for the 9 million former or current Erasmus+ participants to have a say on the future of the programme post 2020. It is therefore an online tech hub accessible to everyone, where people with current or previous experience with Erasmus+ projects or exchanges can propose topics for discussion, plan events, debate and comment on other’s suggestions, and chat with users.

The content can also be filtered by topic, and projects and activity templates are available for inspiration.

The Online Meeting Point is intended as a space for discussion and ideas to be shared and discussed on the future of the programme in the language of their choice.

The aim of the initiative is that by the end of the year, an Erasmus+ Manifesto on the future of the programme will be built based on the collective input poured into this platform. In addition, the most active proponents will be invited to expose their vision in front of European decision-makers at an end-of- the year event in the framework of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme.

You can find out more about the Erasmus+ Generation Online Meeting Point on the website, and through the online platform.