Recently, our German member Diakonie Michaelshoven has launched an online platform which uses artificial intelligence to provide the elderly with information regarding the best care options for them. 

The project was born to respond to the many challenges posed by long-term care to the affected people and their families. It aims to answer fundamental questions such as “what does it mean to not be able to provide for oneself anymore?” or “how can families care for their relatives?” A digital assistant developed as part of the platform will help customers to have answers to their doubts but know what the best course of action is in their situation, given the complexity of the care sector and the many different actors providing services.

The content and functional concept of the platform was developed and extensively tested together with senior citizens and relatives prior to the launch in order to ensure the highest possible level of user-friendliness. In contrast to other providers, the portal is free of charge for those seeking help, thanks to the 15 charitable organisations that founded Germany’s largest ecumenical start-up: Mitunsleben GmbH.

This initiative adds-up to the many great projects carried forward by our membership to ensure elderly persons enjoy a dignified life and have access to quality long-term care services. Our thematic network meetings are a chance for our members to meet, learn from each other and share best practices regarding their work. Our upcoming Social Services Network Meeting in Oulu, Finland will, among others, focus on long-term care and in particular on integrated approaches to face challenges in the sector. We encourage you to follow our publications to read the vent



If you would like to read more about Diakonie Michaelshoven’s project, please visit its news section.

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