Diakonie Austria has emerged as a leading advocate for mental health inclusion among children and adolescents. Through their special hospital for child and adolescent psychiatry and their innovative “In the Circus Wagon” program, Diakonie Austria demonstrates a compassionate and holistic approach to promoting well-being and inclusivity.

For children in need of mental health support, Diakonie Austria’s special hospital for child and adolescent psychiatry serves as a sanctuary. These children often struggle to articulate their feelings, but within the hospital’s walls, they find a healing environment that offers them vital support and understanding. The dedicated staff members are there to assist children who have undergone treatment in child and adolescent psychiatric clinics, those who require medication, those facing behavioural challenges at school or in after-school care centres, and those lacking a secure and nurturing home environment. By addressing the unique needs of each child, the hospital aims to reintegrate them into society while providing much-needed relief and support for their parents.

In fact, parents often grapple with overwhelming feelings of helplessness. Many carry their own burdens from complex family histories, making it even more challenging to effectively support their children. Diakonie Austria recognizes the crucial role of parental involvement and offers comprehensive support through educational counselling. By strengthening and empowering parents, the organization ensures that relationships between parents and children not only survive but thrive. Maintaining regular contact with parents remains a top priority, fostering a collaborative approach to the well-being of the children.

Diakonie Austria’s special hospital boasts a team of experts from diverse fields, including medicine, social education, curative education, psychology, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. This hholistic blend of expertise enables comprehensive care and support for the children. The team employs a range of collaborative practices, including internal networking, weekly meetings, case supervisions, external and internal training, and regular discussions with external supervisors. Furthermore, the hospital actively collaborates with schools, fostering a holistic approach to mental health inclusion that spans multiple domains.

One of Diakonie Austria’s most innovative initiatives is the “In the Circus Wagon” program, where children enter a world of playfulness to rebuild lost trust and enhance their development. Nestled within a sunny yellow circus wagon, children engage in captivating activities, including puppetry, guided by passionate educators. Within this program, children and adults forge symbolic interactions, addressing conflicts, wishes, and fears within a safe and supportive environment. The puppet shows are recorded, allowing for meticulous analysis and subsequent therapeutic interventions. By creating positive experiences through play, the program helps children overcome trauma and fosters their overall well-being, igniting a transformative journey.

Diakonie Austria’s commitment to mental health inclusion is evident through their special hospital and the “In the Circus Wagon” program. By providing a nurturing environment and comprehensive care, Diakonie Austria paves the way for the well-being and inclusion of children and adolescents on their journey to mental health recovery.