Europe2020-logoEurodiaconia published today a briefing for members on the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) 2015. This briefing aims to inform Eurodiaconia members about what the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) is in general, what is its role in the context of the European Semester, what is the specific content of the AGS 2015, and how can this be used by diaconal organisations advocating at national level.

The Annual Growth Survey is issued every year around November. It takes stock of the economic and social situation in Europe and sets out the policy priorities for the year to come. It provides Member States with policy guidance for the following year. It also kicks off the European Union’s annual cycle of economic policy guidance and surveillance: the European Semester.

The AGS 2015 has started to recognise the importance for civil society and national public authorities to work together for a better ownership of the European Semester process. However, it has failed to reflect the need to achieve both economic and social progress in the European Union and to give social well-being as much importance as economic development.

It is therefore essential that Eurodiaconia members take action at national level to influence the 2015 European Semester and in particular the 2015 National Reform Programmes, challenging those Member States who wish to follow structural reform without safeguarding social protection, while at the same time supporting those Member States who believe in a more balanced social and economic approach.

For more information:

European Commission website on the AGS and related document

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