On January 24th, our German member Diakonie Deutschland launched in Berlin a new initiative named “Digital Neighbourhoods“. The first project of the initiative is titled “Villages with a Future” and aims to utilise digital technologies to promote social participation in rural areas. The new platform is intended to provide populations in small towns and villages with a digital space for interaction where they can share and learn more about each other.

The lack in infrastructure in rural areas can currently be sub-par and prevent local residents from enjoying a full social life. However, through this project, five diaconal organisations will join efforts to build an online platform via which local residents can keep informed about news, campaigns, and events in their vicinity and easily participate in the life of their community.

The ultimate goal of the initiative will be to build trust and solidarity among the residents and test the capability of digital technologies to effectively support that process.

The project will be realised in partnership with the website Nebanen.de.

To learn more about the project, please visit our member’s website.


© Photocredit – Diakonie.de