Today, Eurodiaconia held its 2020 Annual General Meeting where we presented our Annual Report, a brief overview of the organisation, its activities and impact over the course of 2019. Last year, too, the dedicated work of our members, Secretariat and Supervisory Board have enabled our network to continue to be the voice that promotes the best practices of diaconia across Europe and among EU institutions.

The report opens with a greeting message from the Chairperson of our Supervisory Board Mr. Sindre Skeie and our Secretary General Ms. Heather Roy in which they focus on the significance of the support which diaconal institutions provide to fragile groups in contemporary Europe and especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

The first section contains a brief presentation of Eurodiaconia’s values, mission and goals, followed by an introduction of our Board, staff and members. The next section features our growth in 2019 and our policy and advocacy achievements by area of work, namely European Semester, European Pillar of Social Rights, Access to Health Care and Social Services, Access to Employment, Extreme Poverty, Migration, Roma, Youth and Children, Funding, Projects and Identity. The last section gives the microphone to three of our members – Caritaslaiset, Fundatia Filatropia and Hela Manniskan – to tell our readers more about their work and specific recent projects.



To learn more about our work in 2019, please read the full 2019 Annual Report.