The European Parliament Think Thank, acting at the request of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, has published a study on social sustainability citing Eurodiaconia’s 2018 report “Towards a Social, Sustainable, and Equitable Europe: Integrating and Implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals“.

The Parliament’s publication examines the definitions and ways to measure and benchmark social sustainability and explores how the concept can be integrated into EU policy-making processes. It also gives concrete examples of how it is already used in policies and projects at national, regional and local level.

It contains a reference to Eurodiaconia’s 2018 paper pointing out that breaking up the concept of social sustainability into smaller parts, looking at and working on them independently of other social factors and processes poses a threat to social stability and is not an effective way to translate the vision of Social Europe into reality.


To read the full text of the study, please visit the European Parliament’s website.

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