Image of Beirut after last August's explosionAfter last August’s massive explosion rocketing Beirut, killing at least 149 people and causing widespread devastation, our Czech member Diakonie  ČCE donated 800,000 Czech Crowns (about 30,000 EUR) to respond to the most immediate needs of children in Lebanon.

Thanks to its Lenten Collection our member was able to make the donation for immediate assistance after the tragic and devastating explosion, which further exacerbates the social and economic crisis in the country, where up to one and a half million refugees have been fled. In the meantime, additional fundraising has been open on Diakonie  ČCE’s website.

Diakonie ČCE in Lebanon, in cooperation with local humanitarian organisations, was already financing projects in Lebanon for schools, kindergartens, medical centres to provide material and psychosocial support to the poorest who would not otherwise have access to basic services.

Among the other projects, The Tahaddi Community Center delivers humanitarian aid to the most deprived in the region. About two dozen women are also employed in its tailoring cooperative and more than 450 children are given the possibility to access education in its facilities.

Erik Siegl, Diakonie ČCE Director for projects abroad, explains: “We will use the funds of the Lenten Collection to repair material damage, buy healthy food and school supplies for the most deprived children in Beirut .”


Find more about the donation on Diakonie ČCE’s website.