S2A-european-union-social-fundThe European Commission launched a website for users of the European Social Fund (ESF) providing a partner search database, discussion forum, a news and event section, and a document library. Eurodiaconia members can upload details of their organisation, project ideas and get in touch with other relevant organisations for possible future cooperation.

The website also contains a section with transnational calls for proposals. The forum section offers the possibility to discuss project areas and ideas, as well as technical issues of the use of the ESF with other organisations and national managing authorities.

How to access the platform?

  1. Access here
  2. Log in with your ECAS account (if you have not got an ECAS account yet, creat one here)
  3. Create your organisation
  4. Create one or more project ideas

A short user guide is available in the ‘Technical support’ forum, or in alternative find the PDF here (EN).
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Florian at florian.tuder@eurodiaconia.org.