Yesterday 24th of March marked the first anniversary of the European Commission’s proposal for a Child Guarantee, which represents a pivotal cornerstone to enhance the protection of children experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

Over the last months, EU Member States had to draw up their Child Guarantee national action plans outlining the concrete implementation of the framework in their respective countries. The national action plans were expected to be submitted by the 15th of March 2022, but as of today, the European Commission received only ONE complete plan and THREE drafts.

This is why Eurodiaconia, as part of the EU Alliance for Investing in Children, joined more than 20 organisations in a statement demanding immediate attention to these delays and calling on Member States to take the following urgent actions:

  1. Submit, without further delay, ambitious and comprehensive Child Guarantee national action plans

An ambitious and comprehensive EU framework to protect children in need and ensure equal access to key services is more urgent than ever. Child Guarantee national action plans must be urgently submitted and be publicly available on national government websites to ensure complete openness and transparency.

  1. Engage with multispectral stakeholders, children, and parents, for the finalisation, implementation, and assessment of the Child Guarantee national action plans

Regrettably, over the past months, there has been an absence of meaningful participation processes and a worrying lack of transparency in drafting the national action plans. CSOs should need to be consulted throughout the entire process to ensure the drafting of robust and successful plans.

  1. Allocate additional and adequate funding to cover the need of children and families fleeing from the war in Ukraine

EU Member States should ensure that the Child Guarantee will support children fleeing Ukraine irrespective of their migration status. They should allocate additional funding to protect them without diverting funds initially allocated to support other children in need.


We believe it is crucial to get our members engaged in the Child Guarantee implementation at the national level and influence the national action plans. These plans must be participatory and reflect the reality on the ground. This is why on the 26th of April we are inviting you to join our internal Webinar “The Child Guarantee: How to Engage at the National Level?”. The event will welcome Stefan Iszkowski (European Commission, DG EMPL) to present information and background on the Child Guarantee, followed by a member-led exchange about National Action Plans and how our members can get involved. You can find the draft agenda and register here.