In the context of the State of the European Union Speech of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Eurodiaconia launches its first Report on the State of the Social European Union. The report stresses our networks’ concerns about the state of the European Union. As energy and food prices have been skyrocketing across Europe over the last months and weeks, pushing increasing numbers of households towards their financial limits, we are particularly concerned about this cost of living crisis. It is reaching an unprecedented level of urgency and more than ever a swift and coordinated response is needed from the European Union.

While some social concerns have been recognized during the State of the European Union speech, such as support for vulnerable households to cover rising energy prices, it was a missed opportunity to propose bold action to address the cost of living crisis and strengthen social protection across the EU.

Therefore, our network is calling on the European Commission and EU Member States for a coordinated and ambitious approach to address key social issues:

First and foremost coordinated emergency measures to cap prices and provide immediate support to low-income households are needed. In addition, structural measures are needed to reduce the number of persons living in or at risk of poverty. But there are also other key social issues that need to be addressed, such as developing high quality long-term care systems, improving the reception and integration of all migrants in EU member states, strengthening social protection systems and supporting social services.

This report is based on our members experience working daily with people facing multiple social challenges, input from our members meeting in May 2022, and further quantitative and qualitative research carried out among members in July 2022.

You can read the full report here.

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