This month Eurodiaconia joined the EFIN Network (EU Network to tackle financial exclusion) which gathers stakeholders from diverse backgrounds such as NGOs, banking sector and academics, all brought together by the will to work together for better Financial Inclusion. EFIN’s objectives are to:

  1. increase knowledge on Financial inclusion,
  2. be a forum and mutual learning place,
  3. ensure knowledge dissemination and financial inclusion promotion.

This new membership is in line with the work that Eurodiaconia has been carrying out on over-indebtedness since 2009.

Eurodiaconia hopes that this membership will enrich Eurodiaconia’s understanding of financial inclusion, provide interesting contacts and information for Eurodiaconia members and helps sharpen our policy work in the area of financial inclusion and over-indebtedness.

For more information about EFIN: http://www.fininc.eu/