We are officially introducing live streaming to make our Network Meetings accessible to all our members who cannot attend our initiatives in person. 

On 27-28 November, Eurodiaconia will host – along with our members Caritaslaiset and Oulu Deaconess Institute – our annual Social and Health Care Services network meeting in Oulu, Finland.

due to the restricted resources available, Eurodiaconia can only guarantee a limited number of participants for each meeting. Therefore, Eurodiaconia has committed to making its network meetings more accessible for members using live streaming technology. This will not only provide an opportunity for our members to virtually join a network meeting but it will also make our meetings more interactive, allowing a wider contribution from our members’ social workers and users.

The live streaming will take place on Wednesday 27th November from 10.30 am – 3 pm  GMT+2 (with a one-hour lunch break). Please take note that your staff can join the entire streaming or only the sessions they are interested the most.



To know more about our upcoming Network Meeting in Oulu, please see the invitation and agenda.

If you are a Eurodiaconia member and would like to participate in the streaming, please do so through this link.