feantsa-logoUntil December 2016, the European Commission is consulting stakeholders on its proposal for a European Pillar of Social Rights. FEANTSA has responded to the consultation and published a reaction to the Commission’s preliminary proposal. As the consultation draws to a close, it is time to ask how, once adopted, the Pillar could actually be implemented. FEANTSA is especially interested in the housing priority (priority 19 of the Commission’s first proposal). Many questions remain open about the Pillar, not least regarding its legal form. Here, FEANTSA shares 5 key principals for supporting Member States to tackle homelessness and ensure the right to adequate housing for all. FEANTSA hopes that these messages will help the Commission; Member States and other stakeholders to make the most of the opportunity presented by the Pillar. FEANTSA looks forward to contributing to the process of refining and actually implementing the Pillar from a housing rights perspective.

Find FEANTSA’s latest position on the Social Pillar here (EN).