2016-07-11_14h17_13Civil society organisations promoting Roma inclusion across Europe have established an ‘Alliance against Anti-Gypsyism‘, aimed at promoting awareness of persisting discrimination and hatespeech towards Roma by providing a closer explanation of the term, a reference paper, and the foundation for cross-national networking and political action. Eurodiaconia is a member of the Alliance.

The reference paper stirs debate about the nature and implications of antigypsyism. It wants to raise awareness of its characteristics and scope, among a wider circle of policy and decision makers and aims to help them formulate effective answers to it.

In response to the release of the reference paper, Rita Izsák-Ndiaye, Independent Expert on minority issues for the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, said:  “A compelling contribution to the debate; international organizations, including the UN and the European Union will have to take note of this call to shift their perspective on Roma inclusion.”

If your organisation would be interested to join the Alliance and to help disseminate its messages, please contact info@antigypysism.eu. Anti-Gypsyism will be the core topic for the upcoming Eurodiaconia annual network meeting on Roma inclusion, focusing on the contribution which diaconia can make and scheduled to take place in Uppsala on 13-14 October.

To access the website of the Alliance and to read the reference paper, please click here (EN).