a person with a heart and the text "world kindness day"Our Italian member Diaconia Valdese and its partners in the Piedmont region have joined hands to commemorate Word Kindness Day on the 13th of November and to raise awareness about the social value of kindness.

The partnering group, named “We.Ca.Re”, wants to propose new ways of collaborating between social service providers and citizens with the aim of finding new solutions to social issues and increasing the wellbeing of the local communities. To this end, the following series of online activities were undertaken:

  • Reception of photos / drawings / thoughts on acts of kindness produced in 2020, not necessarily linked to COVID-19;
  • Publication of the received materials on the Facebook pages of the entities in the partnership;
  • Sharing on the Facebook pages of all partners in the project the drawings made by the pupils of the cooperatives Chronos and Tarta Volante. The children were asked to draw their answer to the question “What does kindness look like?”; the partners will choose one of the drawings to represent the World Kindness Day.

For more information, please visit our member’s website.