On 9-10 December our member, Deaconess Foundation, is co-hosting the “22nd Nordic Conference for Professionals working with Traumatised Refugees”. The conference – which will be held in Helsinki, Finland – aims to strengthen the network and collaboration of Nordic professionals from different fields that work with traumatised refugees.

Researchers, clinicians, and other refugee mental health specialists will be amongst the guest speakers sharing their research and experiences from clinical practices and development projects. Moreover, the conference will offer participants the opportunity to learn from each other and to exchange ideas on the treatment, recovery, and well-being of individuals that have been exposed to traumatic experiences.

At Eurodiaconia, we focus on migration in terms of the social inclusion of migrants and refugees through access to social and health care services as well as promoting education and employment. We have placed special emphasis on integration services that empower female migrants and highlighted the role of local communities in making integration and inclusion work for both migrants and host societies. We have also established a Migration Network that gives our members the opportunity to discuss topics of common interest at annual conferences.

Register to the conference and read more about it at: http://www.thl.fi/nctr2021