Photo volunteersLast weekend, more than 40 guys and girls took part in a training session on volunteering in Strasbourg, France. The event was organised by VISA-Volontariat International au Service des Autres, and it aimed to prepare young people to better address the challenges they will face during their volunteering activity. The two-day session also gave young volunteers the chance to deepen their knowledge of high-impact volunteer programs around the world, as well as reflecting on values and characteristics of good citizenship.

The volunteering activity will take one year and it will be coordinated by Service Civique Français à l’international (French International Civic Service) and the European Voluntary Service-EVS. The projects are run in Europe, North America and Israel and they will mainly focus on people with disabilities, homelessness, education and elderly people.

VISA is a Strasbourg-based organisation with the aim of recruiting and training young volunteers. It was found in 1959, and over its history it has trained more than 4,000 young volunteers.

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