Eurodiaconia is partnering with 14 other EU-level organisations to implement a two-year EU-funded Helpdesk project.

Social services have suffered from chronic underfunding, staff shortages, difficult working conditions, and low wages that have put the sector’s resilience to the test. The outbreak of COVID-19 highlighted these problems at a time when social service providers indicated increasing demand for services. Although it is clear that adequate funds are needed, making sure available funds are accessible and used to fund quality interventions in social services is crucial.

The HELPDESK  project has three main objectives:

  • Promoting capacity building and awareness raising about ESF+, ERDF & React EU (and other relevant EU funds) about how such funds can better support effective social services interventions.
  • Facilitating and simplifying the use of and access to EU funds for social services.
  • Facilitating exchange and cooperation between Managing Authorities, social services, and the European Commission (EC) to ensure that funding priorities are based on an assessment of social needs and target effective evidence-based social services interventions.

The project has two main priorities- to support social services in accessing and using funds (ESF+, ERDF, and REACTEU in particular) and to help managing Authorities use EU funds to finance quality interventions in the field of social services.

As part of the project activities, we have prepared a survey around using ESF+, ERDF, and other funds in social services. Promising practices, needs, and challenges. You can access the survey at this link.