Early this week, our Ukrainian member Living Hope published its 2018 Annual Report under the motto “Together not alone…

In 2018, more than 120 children and youth had access to the services offered by the 4 care centres run by Living Hope. The centres are actively engaged in facing multiple social problems in the Odessa region such as poverty, alcohol and drugs abuse, domestic violence and child care.

Among the 2018 successes are the implementation of the big summer event, which is now held every 3 months, and the organisation of the first camp for families.

Living Hope is an NGO based in Odessa, Ukraine. The organization is active at local level in the field of social inclusion of disadvantaged children, youth and families in need. Living Hope was founded in the Christian faith in 1999 by two young volunteers. It currently employs 6 permanent staff members plus 15 full-time volunteers.

To know more about Living Hope’s work in 2018, check the annual report.