Our Finnish member Caritaslaiset has recently launched its “Good Neighbor” project in the city of Oulu. The scheme allows students to live with the elderly and disabled while committing 4-5 hours of their time per week to do leisure activities together.  

Students have the opportunity to organise different activities with the residents according to their own skills and interests. For example, musicians can delight with a moment of their music while others can share their passion for sports. The residents also enjoy the story club and game nights.

This project not only offers students affordable and quality housing near the university but, more importantly, gives them the opportunity to share meaningful moments with other residents and learn from each other. This community project is the first of its kind in Northern Finland after its members were inspired by similar initiatives taking place in the Netherlands and the Helsinki Area.


To learn more about the “Good Neighbor” program please visit Caritaslaiset’s webpage.