As Italy takes over the 6-month rotating presidency of the EU, Eurodiaconia has written a letter highlighting the issue of youth exclusion. We make recommendations to the EU to ensure a social investment approach, including the promotion of adequate social protection is mainstreamed into all EU-level processes, ensuring the sustainability of essential social protection systems and social and health services, and in particular to invest in youth work and youth services for the successful social and professional integration of young people. In the letter we also highlight the important role of social enterprises which enable people, including young people, to integrate or reintegrate into society, to access and retain employment and offer a route out of poverty and exclusion, reinforcing the socio-economic independence of service users. Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) are also highlighted, in particular their key role in integrating young people facing difficulties and discrimination.

Italy has held the presidency 11 times in the history of the Union and from 1 July to 31 December 2014, Italy is in charge of the presidency of the Council of the European Union again.

Download the full letter here (ENGLISH) (ITALIAN)

Visit the Italian Presidency official website here.