Following the Social Platform Flagship Conference in Helsinki on 17 September on ‘Building Social Europe’, our partner the Social Platform released recommendations based on a series of thematic workshops.

The six workshops led to a number of recommendations, which, if fully implemented, will bring concrete changes to people’s lives throughout Europe, including:

  • A framework directive on adequate minimum income to promote wellbeing at work


  • Better monitoring of health inequalities throughout the EU’s governance processes, including through a health equity impact assessment in the European Semester process.

  • Setting enhanced monitoring, policy guidance and investment as the cornerstones of ambitious EU-level action on homelessness based on the right to housing.

  • A European strategy on long-term care with a holistic and lifecycle approach, including a European platform to share good practices, improved data collection, indicators, and corresponding European targets.

  • Promoting alternative models to public procurement, which support flexible community-based care services, and help service providers to better cater to users’ needs.

  • A people-centered approach to long-term inclusion of migrants, encompassing wellbeing, and the involvement of migrants in the decision-making process on areas that affect them.

Eurodiaconia is dedicated to a social Europe with accessible, quality and affordable social and healthcare services benefiting the most disadvantaged and therefore welcomes these recommendations. Eurodiaconia members strive to provide quality services and Eurodiaconia has been actively engaged in the EU debate on the quality of social services.


To read the full workshop recommendations, please visit the Social Platform’s website.

To know more about the conference, please visit the dedicated Flagship Conference’s webpage.

To know more about Eurodiaconia’s work on social and healthcare services, please visit our website.