The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) has launched a rolling call for proposals aimed at ensuring that all migrants are able to access humane, fair, and effective European asylum systems capable of offering protection.

Specifically, EPIM looks to support (transnational) partnerships of civil society organisations active at EU, national, bilateral, regional and/or local levels in their efforts to seize (urgent) opportunities to advise European asylum policies and practices. The projects should aim to promote feasible (evidence-based) alternatives, to put forward thought-provoking ideas, and/or to react to policy proposals and practices to safeguard the right to asylum and prevent backtracking.

Eligible civil society organisations are invited to submit concept notes anytime for a maximum budget of 40,000 EUR and a maximum duration of 18 months. Concept notes will be reviewed every 3 months starting from 4 May 2020.


For more details, please visit EPIM’s website.