Hands clicking on an open laptop Over the next weeks, our Spanish member Diaconia España will hold a series of webinars focusing on human trafficking awareness and prevention within its broader project #DESACTIVALATRATA (deactivate human trafficking).

The 3 online webinars are taking place from 5-23 October, and are aimed at improving social, health, and legal workers’ awareness and skills in recognising and protect potential victims of trafficking. The training course will focus in particular on human trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation.

The webinars will be split into different sessions:


Webinar I: Intervention

5-9 October

Session 1: Introduction to human trafficking, concepts, and reality

Session 2: How to detect the victims of human trafficking

Session 3: Formal identification of victims of trafficking, legislation, and application in the practice

Session 4: Skills and attitudes for the psychosocial intervention

Session 5: Legal intervention, the role of the lawyer


Webinar II: Intervention

13-16 October

Session 1: Human trafficking, a business where people are goods

Session 2: Logics and narratives behind human trafficking

Session 3: Effective prevention strategies against human trafficking in the private sector

Session 4: Prevention of human trafficking in the education sector


Webinar III: Approach to labour trafficking

19-23 October

Session 1: Introduction to labour trafficking, concepts, and reality

Session 2: Legal intervention for victims of labour trafficking: International, European and Spanish legal frameworks

Session 3: Logics and narratives behind labour trafficking

Session 4: How human labour trafficking works: Economic policy, outsourcing of services and supply chains

Session 5: Intervention for victims of labour trafficking


To know more about our member’s webinar, please check the agenda.