iStock_000039733288_Full (2500x1660)Eurodiaconia members’ experience confirms the problematic social situation the European Union is currently facing: long-term unemployment in Europe is still increasing, the situation of households with low incomes has not improved and severe material deprivation has continued to increase in several countries.

In this context, Eurodiaconia works particularly to support its members to:

  • Increase their understanding of the European Union tools available to support their work at local and national level (policy and funding);
  • Exchange best practices in responding to the increasing number of people facing material deprivation such as food poverty, energy poverty or homelessness. Eurodiaconia strives for these emergency service provision to always be an entry point into longer, more sustainable social inclusion programmes.

For more information on Eurodiaconia’s work on extreme poverty, please read our briefing to members on the fund for European aid to the most deprived (2014) and policy position on homelessness (updated 2015)If you have any questions, please contact our Policy Officer Anne-Sophie Wislocki at