Our member, the Fédération de l’Entraide Protestante (FEP), has unveiled its latest magazine “Proteste”, spotlighting Diakonie Austria’s groundbreaking stance on education.

From nurseries to high schools, Diakonie Austria is a shining example of blending teachings from the Protestant Churches with innovative pedagogies inspired by Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler. Each institution becomes a place where every child’s uniqueness is recognized and nurtured.

A compelling case study within the feature explores a mother’s journey with her son, who faces the challenges of a rare metabolic disorder. Not only has her child found a comforting sanctuary at a Diakonie nursery, but he has also thrived, academically and emotionally. This personal narrative poignantly illustrates Diakonie Austria’s unwavering commitment to the holistic development of every child under their care.

Taking inclusivity a step further, Diakonie Austria is also at the forefront of advocating for the educational rights of students with disabilities within Austria. Their vision is ambitious yet simple: to create classrooms where mutual respect coexists with customized support for each student, regardless of their abilities or challenges.

However, for Diakonie Austria, education transcends the mere acquisition of knowledge. The organization views it as a moral imperative aimed at fostering personal growth, understanding, and a sense of social responsibility. As a cornerstone of social change in Austria, Diakonie Austria provides a wide-reaching network and a team of committed professionals, including noted experts like Andrea Werdenigg. Together, they are not just reimagining but actively shaping the future of inclusive education.

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