Our partner Interdiac has recently released the first of a new series of booklets focusing on diaconia. The new publications titled “Towards a Diaconal Church” aim to shines a spotlight on our understanding of diaconia as an essential part of the nature of the church and its mission.

Each publication will focus on the story of one church congregation which is developing a diaconal approach to its life. The series will reflect on specific churches and congregations in Central and Eastern Europe that have put diaconia to the heart of the church or of the congregation and will highlight aspects of good practice.

The first booklet focuses on a community church in Harkujärve, an area just outside Tallinn, Estonia. The church has set out to be an open welcoming community space at the heart of the community. The community is a space for working on people’s needs, as well as an artistic and creative lab. In this way, the church supports mutual aid and grows with the people in the local area.

To know more about the community in Harkujärve, have a look at Interdiac’s first booklet.