Leadership. Knowledge. Resilience. These were the themes at the heart of the annual conference of the superiors and leading sisters of the Kaiserswerther Association. From 8 to 10 September, 26 superiors and leading sisters met in Eisenach to exchange ideas about leadership and knowledge management.

The conference allowed the participants to network and exchange critical information between diaconal communities of the Kaiserswerther Association.

A highlight of the event was brought by Rev. Frank Zelinsky, head of the pastoral college, Neuendettelsau of the Bavarian Regional Church, who presented a knowledge management model called “Cynefin-Framework.” The model, developed by scientist and management consultant Dave Snowde, classifies tasks, problems, and situations and supports decision-making and strategic planning.

“Feeling and connecting with your sources is essential, especially in church organizations,” states Zelinsky.

Thanks to the commitment of the Eisenach Oberin Sr. Annegret Bachmann, the participants were able to make the most of the time together, sharing valuable inputs and creating long-lasting connections. Furthermore, they had the chance to get to know the Diako Thuringia and the city of Eisenach better and experience their incredible hospitality.