We are currently analyzing the implementation in our members’ countries of the EC recommendation Investing in Children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage, issued by the European Commission in February 2013. With this regard, we would like to know how you would evaluate the developments at your national level on the three pillar enlisted by the recommendation:

  • Children’s access to adequate resources: in terms of supporting parents’ participation in the labour market and provide adequate living standards through a combination of benefits
  • Children’s access to affordable quality services: to reduce inequalities through early childhood education and care, to improve the impact that education has in enhancing equal opportunities, to improve the responsiveness of healthcare system in addressing the needs of disadvantaged children, to provide children with a safe and adequate housing and living environment
  • Children’s right to participate: in terms of supporting participation of children in play, recreation, sport and cultural activities, and enabling children in participating in the decision making affecting their lives


Unfortunately, the time at our disposal is pretty short, so we would like to hear some feedback from you – if possible – before the end of next week 20/01.

For further informations, and to send us your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact clotilde.clark-foulquier@eurodiaconia.org and giacomo.manca@eurodiaconia.org.