Together with 6 members, Eurodiaconia was recently awarded an Erasmus+ grant under KA2 (strategic partnership) for a youth project called “Empower You(th)! Training of innovative models and methods in youth work”.

Today young people face a number of new challenges that originate e.g. from increasing migration, multi-culturalism, the threat of radicalisation, youth unemployment, social exclusion, the lack of a sense of a European identity, and the increasing digitalisation of all facets of life. In order to support young people in facing these challenges, youth workers need the necessary knowledge, skills and competences on how to best tackle them. Therefore, the main goal of the project is to promote in course of 15 months high quality innovative youth work by equipping youth workers with methodological and practical tools to respond to current social challenges and meet young people’s needs for inclusion, empowerment and engagement. In order to meet these aims, the project plans to organise comprehensive trainings for youth trainers and regional workshops to equip trainers and youth workers with the necessary tools mentioned. Also, an online toolkit will be developed, which analyses existing challenges and approaches to youth work, practical tools to current challenges as well as providing innovative and contextualised models and methods for youth workers and trainers. The project therefore facilitates innovative youth training on a regional, contextualised basis and the transfer on a European level.


The project consortium consists of:

  • Eurodiaconia (lead applicant)
  • Church City Mission Oslo (Norway)
  • Diakonia Kosova (Kosovo)
  • Diaconia Valdese (Italy)
  • Slezska Diakonie (Czech Republic)
  • Västeras Stift / Church of Sweden (Sweden)
  • Armenia Roundtable Foundation (Armenia; associated project partner)


For more information on the project, please contact Florian at