Our Secretary General, Heather Roy, was invited by the King and Queen of Belgium to participate in a roundtable on the role of women in churches, faith-based organisations, and the wider society. Speaking from her experience in Eurodiaconia, as a lay minister in the Anglican Church and as Co-Chair of the Anglican Council of Belgium Heather informed the King and Queen of the increasing ecumenical nature of diaconal work around Europe and the role that Anglicans can play in ensuring gender equality, interfaith dialogue and a positive social impact on society. She spoke of the need to combine concrete action with advocacy and to work across confessions and society to break the systemic and structural barriers that prevent equality and inclusion. She also commented on the need to ensure that role models were available for all girls and young women to see and aspire towards and how men and women must work jointly if there is to be true gender equality and participation. Furthermore, our Secretary General was able to share with their Majesties how the social work of churches and diaconal associations was a sign of hope and of the living gospel in our communities across Europe. She was also able to present their Majesties with a copy of our 2017 Annual Report.


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