Our Secretary-General Heather Roy is taking part in the Synod of the Union of the Methodist and Waldensian churches -the highest church authority dealing with legal, judicial and governmental matters- in Torre Pellice, Italy.

Ms Roy travelled to Italy to participate in the 5-day event bringing together pastors, diaconal representatives and local church members to discuss relations with the state, society and review the work of the various administrative bodies elected during the previous Synod. Friday the 30th of August will mark the day in which the new members for the Diaconal Synod Commission for the year 2019-2020 will be elected.

Our member Diaconia Valdese will also be present as it represents an important opportunity for the organisation to present all the hard work they have carried out this year and receive feedback for next year’s work plan. Eurodiaconia looks forward to the outcome of this important gathering, all the while strengthening the ties with our Italian partners and stakeholders to better fulfil our diaconal mission in Europe.


To know more about the event, please visit our member Diaconia Valdese’s website.

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