Earlier this month, our member the Evangelical Church of Iceland completed a study trip to the Scottish Church in Edinburgh, Scotland. The study visit was a great opportunity for congregations to meet, exchange good practices and learn about their countries’ rich history. 

Two renown Icelandic artist, who created many pieces of art for churches in Iceland and abroad, were also part of the delegation to Scotland. It was extremely interesting for them to give a presentation at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh about the work they had carried out there.

The highlight of the Scottish trip was a 2-day stay on the Island of Iona, on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. Here, the Icelanders took part in the ceremonies of the renowned monastic church on the island. Aside from the intense religious and spiritual significance of the island experienced by the participants, there was also space for discussion and for sharing knowledge about Icelandic and Scottish church activities, culture and history. Both sides felt bonds between Icelandic and Scottish Churches and Diaconal actors were reinforced, as visits of this kind are a very useful platform for sharing knowledge, good practices and making long-lasting connections.

At Eurodiaconia, we encourage our members to take part in such initiatives and indeed our network serves as a bridge, bringing together different diaconal organisations across Europe. Our Network Meetings, for instance, allow our members to come together to discuss policy and good practices around a specific thematic focus. While 2019 is slowly turning to an end, our calendar is filled with upcoming Network Meetings and other events which will strengthen the cohesion of our network while also allowing us to better represent the interests and priorities of our members in Brussels.



To know more about our Icelandic’s member visit to Scotland, please visit their website.

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