homelessnessEurodiaconia has released new policy recommendations in the field of homelessness and social innovation. The recommendations want to draw the attention to the worsening situation of homelessness within the European Union, which causes long-term harm on both people and society. According to recent estimates of the European Commission, about 410.000 people could be sleeping rough on any given night in the EU, including young people, women and migrants.

The European Union as an important defender of human rights and a driving force behind social justice has a considerable potential in supporting the fight against homelessness by promoting change on the national level and allocating more resources to research projects, innovative approaches and investments into housing-related infrastructure.

The publication contains a letter of policy recommendations based on experiences from Eurodiaconia members who have been working with homeless people for years, as well as a Eurodiaconia report on the role of social innovation and investment in the homelessness sector based on which a main part of the recommendations are based.

Find the policy recommendations here (EN).