LogoKBOur Norwegian member Kirkens Bymisjon (Church City Mission Oslo) published an experience-based report titled “Vulnerable Migrants and precarious work and living conditions in Oslo.”
Over the last few years, Kirkens Bymisjon observed an increase in the number of people living in precarious conditions – a still little-known phenomenon in the Norwegian society. It concerns especially poor persons, paperless migrants and jobseekers who are exploited trough long, hard and dangerous work. These people are often sexually abused, discriminated and deprived from their rights to health care. This harsh situation shows a huge gap in the social system.
The report combines findings from annual reports of different churches, conferences, project evaluations, interviews and group discussions. The aim is to increase public interest on the reality of migration in order to change the current regulation, as well as to ensure citizens’ support to reduce prejudices against minority groups.

Find the report here (NO).