Early this month, our Scottish member CrossReach celebrated the 2017 Recovery Walk Scotland under the theme “Love Makes You Family.”

As 2000 people met to celebrate family members and friends who have embarked on or have walked a road of recovery from addiction, the sense of support, community and (arguably) love was tangible.

Before the celebrations began, a sombre silence descended as single roses were placed in the River Tay in Dundee representing loved ones who were lost to addiction over the last year.

Attentions then turned to making Recovery visible through the streets of Dundee. Led by an African Band and with colourful banners held high, the crowd made their way through the city, eventually arriving at the Recovery Village and Festival on Magdalene Green featuring musicians, speakers and activities for children.

Within the Recovery Village, CrossReach distributed over 700 items of fruit, and a similar number of healthy fruit drinks to the thirsty walkers, promoting healthy life changes and choices in support of sustained Recovery.