p1000785On 13 and 14 of October, Eurodiaconia’s annual Roma Network meeting took place in Sweden, focusing on the topic of combating Anti-Gypsyism. On the basis of varied and rich discussions, the participants developed a list of strategies, methods and actions necessary to tackle anti-Gypsyism. These have now been compiled into draft ‘Guidelines on tackling Anti-Gypsyism as diaconia’, which will be finalised after a wider contribution from Eurodiaconia members.

We would be particularly grateful for inputs from all our members in order to make this document as complete and relevant as possible. We warmly welcome suggestions and additions from Eurodiaconia members in terms of structure, content and phrasing;  we would also be very interested to receive concrete examples of diaconal projects and initiatives from your local/national context.

The deadline for contributing to the document is Monday 12 December. An updated version which incorporates your suggestions will then be circulated within the same week. Please feel free to send your comments and contributions to Stephan.burger@eurodiaconia.org and Giacomo.manca@eurodiaconia.org.

Please find the draft version of the Guidelines on tackling Anti-Gypsyism here (EN).