In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of mental health sometimes often goes unnoticed, leaving countless individuals to grapple with their struggles in silence. However, our member MKO Apostoli with its Mental Health Mobile Units in Sparta and Crete is on a mission to change this narrative. These units offer a spectrum of services and community-centric programs that champion mental health and provide vital assistance to those who require it.

The Mental Health Mobile Unit in Sparta serves as safe space for individuals seeking preventive measures, diagnostic assessments, and treatment interventions. Beyond that, the unit extends its care to encompass nursing and home care services, as well as psychosocial rehabilitation, ensuring a holistic approach to mental well-being.

Recognizing the significance of accessibility, the Mobile Unit diligently makes bi-monthly visits to Molai Hospital, Neapoli, and Areopoli Health Centers. This endeavor ensures that individuals across various locations can readily access their services, eliminating barriers and fostering inclusivity.

At the heart of their work lies a strong foundation of collaboration and shared experiences. The Mobile Unit brings beneficiaries and their families together in an inter-disciplinary therapeutic group, fostering support networks, improved communication, and the development of social skills.

Furthermore, the care offered by MKO Apostoli’s Mental Health Mobile Unit extends beyond the conventional, catering to vulnerable social groups. Whether it’s individuals facing financial or personal challenges, or the intricate dynamics of children, parents, and adolescents, the unit stands steadfast in providing support.

In Crete, the Ierapetra Day Center emerges as a lifeline for adults grappling with mental health adversities. Equipped with personalized evaluations conducted by expert psychiatrists and psychologists, the center ensures timely assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Through engaging group activities such as socialization, creative expression, dance, and hygiene groups, the center extends holistic support on the path to recovery.

One of the core tenets driving MKO Apostoli’s Mental Health Mobile Units and the Ierapetra Day Center is dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health. Their efforts encompass community initiatives and enlightening articles in local publications, dedicated to raising awareness and nurturing an environment of empathy and comprehension.

In Sparta and Crete, the MKO Apostoli Mental Health Mobile Units and the Ierapetra Day Center are committed in advancing mental health care and awareness. Through their comprehensive array of services, their emphasis on collaboration, and their drive towards inclusivity, they underscore the pivotal role community-driven initiatives play in fostering well-being for both individuals and communities.