Earlier this week, the European Commission released a thematic note on the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative support to migrants.

The report analyses the support of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) to migrants, people with a foreign background and minorities during the 2014-2020 programming period. It looks at how migrants are addressed in the ESF Operational Programmes and how the ESF contributes towards the EU 2020 targets for the integration of migrants.

A second publication sheds light on the extent to which the ESF and the Youth Employment Initiative (through which funds have been funnelled) have supported people on long-term unemployment and how this funding has contributed to the implementation of the LTU Recommendation.

Eurodiaconia works closely with its partners across Europe to ensure the rights of migrants and asylum seekers are respected, and they are well-integrated in their host societies. Our members are carrying out important initiatives with a particular focus protection of refugee children and unaccompanied minors. Our upcoming Network Meeting in Athens, Greece on migration will focus on the long-term needs of migrant and refugee children and youth. Presentations from local experts and two study visits will also provide insights into the current situation of minor refugees in Greece and inspire the joint formulation of policy recommendations for more inclusive European societies for migrant children.



To read the EU Commission’s full reports, please download it from this dedicated website to know about ESF benefits for migrants and this other webpage for the report focusing on long-term unemployment.

To know more about our upcoming Network Meeting, please have a look at the invitation and draft agenda and register through the registration form by the 25th of October.