Today, Eurodiaconia published its policy paper titled: “Towards an Effective Integration of Third Country Nationals.”

The issue of migration has been particularly urgent and present in the public discourse since 2015, when unprecedented high numbers of asylum seekers entered the EU, adding up to the already existing flows of ‘economic migrants’.

Migration flows to Europe are, however, not new and Eurodiaconia members have a longstanding commitment and engagement in working with migrants, including refugees, as well as economic migrants and also undocumented migrants. Based on their experiences and activities our new policy paper aims to provide targeted recommendations for a more effective EU strategy and national policies for the integration of third country nationals.

The policy paper is accompanied by an ‘Integration Guide’, which presents concrete project examples from Eurodiaconia members. This guide aims at highlighting central elements for the effective integration of migrants by showcasing successful integration projects from the Eurodi­aconia membership across Europe. It features 15 projects from 13 EU Member States, which include initiatives focusing on labour market access and social inclusion, as well as projects providing integrated support across different domains.

To know more about effective strategy for the integration of third country nationals, check our policy paper and our “integration guide.”