VID Specialized University Norway announces up to two scholarships for Ph.D. projects within the Ph.D-programme in Diaconia, Values and Professional Practices.

The programme looks at particular professional practices and traditions within churches or other Christian faith-based organizational settings. VID encourages applications focusing on local diaconal practices in congregational settings. Project proposals may pick up the following topics:

  • diaconia as a dimension of (professional) practice in congregations,
  • contributions of diaconal actors in the welfare and health sector,
  • diaconal professionalism and voluntarism,
  • diaconia in growing diversity and secularism,
  • diaconal agency in the intersection of civil society, marketization and new technical resources
  • diaconal approaches and practices in the face of social challenges like migration, exclusion, and inequality.

The topics can be approached from various disciplines and traditions, such as health studies, leadership studies, religious studies and theology, sociology or social work. The suggested projects should apply empirical methods and be open for the interdisciplinary profile of the Ph.D. programme.

The deadline for applications is 1 April 2019.

For more information about the application procedure and VID’s Ph.D. programme, please have a look at the full vacancy announcement.