European_Commission.svgEurodiaconia is a partner of the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) established by the European Commission. They have produced a number of new policy papers which may be of interest with good practices which you can find below.

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) is an evidence-based online platform which was launched in 2013. EPIC is managed by the European Commission and aims to provide information about policies, practices and programmes that can help children and their families face up to the challenges that exist in the current economic climate in Europe.

New Briefs:

  • Policy brief 1: Social protection during the crisis (link)
  • Policy brief 2: Extending early childhood education and care to encourage labour market participation (link)
  • Policy brief 3: Early childhood education and care and its link to social mobility (link)

In addition, please find more information on the briefs produced in previous years below:

  • Brief on support for Children with Special Educational Needs (link)
  • Brief on parenting support (link)
  • Brief on demography and inequality – How Europe’s changing population will impact on income inequality (link)

Finally, EPIC will also be producing three new briefs this year, which will likely cover topics such as the quality of childcare and the relation between EU funds and childcare support.