Eurodiaconia publishes the Report: Eurodiaconia and the European Year of Youth. 

The past years and months have been challenging for countries across the EU. Whether it is the (still ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war in Ukraine, inflation, and the rising cost of living, or increasing energy prices, youth have been disproportionately affected by these events and face an increased risk of poverty, social exclusion, and consequences to their well-being. 

In the occasion of the 2022 is the European Year of Youth, Eurodiaconia reflects on the situation of youth during the past years and discusses which policies have been put in place at the EU level in favour of youth. Moreover, the Report introduces some projects Eurodiaconia members are implementing across Europe to help improve the situation of youth in different areas and presents some of the events that we, as Eurodiaconia, have carried out this year related to youth, aiming to channel their voices. Finally, we deliver some key recommendations for better youth policies. 

Read here the full Report.