Our member Diakonie Deutschland’s arm in Hannover Diakonie in Niedersachsen has launched a new YouTube series aimed at explaining to people with a refugee background the job market, the health and school system and other aspects of their new environment in the host country.

According to Diakonie, almost 141,000 people with a refugee background live in Lower Saxony. This new video project named “Your Consulting Experts”  is meant to utilise the digital platform to facilitate access to information and guidance on work, family, health and labour law to refugees. Frequently asked questions often asked in an in-person consultation are now also accessible online. The videos can serve as an initial guidance for refugees to find their way in the complicated structures of their new living environment.

Hans-Joachim Lenke, spokesperson for the Diakonie in Niedersachsen said “In addition to personalised advice, it is important to create digital offers to promote barrier-free access to information about work, family, health and labor law.”

The videos are available in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic, French, English and German.


For more information about the initiative, please visit Diakonie in Niedersachsen’s website.


Photo credit: Diakonie in Niedersachsen