The Commission has now disbursed over €150 billion to Member States under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). The Facility is a temporary recovery instrument allows the Commission to raise funds to help Member States implement reforms and investments that are in line with the EU’s priorities and that address the challenges identified in country-specific recommendations under the European Semester framework of economic and social policy coordination. It makes available €723.8 billion (in current prices) in loans (€385.8 billion) and grants (€338 billion) for that purpose. The RRF helps the EU achieve its target of climate neutrality by 2050 and sets Europe on a path of digital transition, creating jobs and spurring growth in the process.

The €150 billion mark is an important milestone in the implementation of the RRF, the key instrument at the heart of the €800 billion NextGenerationEU recovery plan for Europe. In just over two years of existence, the RRF has been driving transformative reforms and investments across the EU Member States, fast-forwarding the green and digital transitions and increasing the Union’s overall resilience. As the implementation of the RRF continues at full speed, the Commission has launched an online, interactive map showing projects supported by the RRF and implemented on the ground by Member States. The map will contribute to further increasing transparency on the functioning of the RRF and on its tangible impact for EU citizens, businesses, and civil society.

Next steps

As the implementation of national recovery and resilience plans progresses, and as the Commission acquires new information on the advancement of the projects linked to reforms and investments by Member States, most notably thanks to the information submitted in the context of payment requests, the map will be regularly updated. The map will also incorporate information on the 100 largest final recipients of RRF funding for each national plan, when this becomes available later this year.

You can find more details at the Commission’s website.

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