Europe2020-logoIn view of the challenges faced by the European Union particularly since 2008 and the changing financial, economic and social context, Eurodiaconia set up in 2012 a “Europe 2020 steering group”. The group, composed of high level Eurodiaconia’s member representatives was asked to discuss the possible options for policy strategy and future action.

The group was at the origin of the Eurodiaconia 2012 AGM declaration ‘’Protecting Europe’s most precious resources at a time of crisis” which proposed five policy recommendations for Social Europe to be strengthened through reassessing values and attitudes to our economy and society, developing policies and actions that ensure sustainable and just models of economic development and social protection.

To take this work forward, the Europe 2020 Steering group was then invited to develop, together with all Eurodiaconia members, the main policy recommendations into in-depth policy positions. Eurodiaconia members selected 3 main priorities: adequate minimum income, social investment and the added value of not-for-profit organisations. Consultation took place at the AGM in 2013 and 2014, and the policy paper were drafted to then be finalised in 2015. The official launch of this package of policy papers took place last week in the European Parliament at the event organised by Eurodiaconia ‘’a joint commitment to poverty reduction: what can the European Parliament do?’’