Female student sitting amongst classmates and smiling in lecture room. University students in classroom after lecture.

Last Summer, Chaplaincy Central, a British network of chaplains our member The Free Churches Group is actively involved in, published the results of an interesting survey on chaplaincy in the UK education system.

The survey resulted in over 100 chaplains from schools and colleges responding and the results make interesting reading.

The survey, set out in 4 parts, doesn’t only highlights the fundamental role of chaplains in mentoring and pastoral work with students but also some of the major challenges and delights of this mission.

Chaplaincy Central is a Christian network and resource hub for those involved in school chaplaincy. It’s based on the principles of ‘open source’ where best ideas are shared with others so that they, in turn, can improve, adapt and reinvent, in turn sharing their discoveries for the benefit of all.


Please find the results of the survey on chaplaincy on our member’s website.