Earlier this month, our Serbian member Philanthropy successfully organised a series of capacity-building event for people working in institutions, civil society and members from the local community to address the needs of the Elderly and develop strategies for a dignified living for these communities. 

The events took place in the cities of Belgrade, Kragujevac and Kraljevo and were part of the project “Empowerment of Vulnerable Older Persons Well-being in Kragujevac and Kraljevo Region”, supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and Brot für die Welt Österreich. The focus of the project is on elderly people living in rural areas, as those tend to be most marginalised and more vulnerable to hardship or changing circumstances in life.

Our member Philantrophy firmly believes that to adequately tackle the challenges of Ageing and prove elderly people with a dignified life, cooperation between different actors in society is essential. This is why the capacity-building events involved a variety of public, private and local bodies to discuss and learn together what the best strategic planning approaches are and how to best develop services benefitting Third Age people.

We commend on the work of our Serbian friendly and we sincerely hope to see the fruits and the added-value of this initiative soon. At Eurodiaconia we are also fighting for a more Social and Just Europe which ensures a dignified life to Ageing people. Against this context, our upcoming network meeting in Oulu, Finland will bring together members from our network to discuss, share best practices and learn about innovative approaches in long-term.

If you would like to learn more about Philantrophy’s work in Serbia, please visit the organisation’s website.

If you are interested in our work on long-term care and quality social services we encourage you to read our recent paper “The Role of Social Services in Fighting Inequalities in Europe” available on our website.