Last week, our Serbian member  Ekumenska Humanitarna Organizacija, published its Annual Report for 2019. The report outlines the most relevant EHO’s activities for last year. 

2019 was for EHO a challenging, dynamic, and extremely successful year. Despite its relatively small budget, EHO managed to complete more than 50 projects aimed at improving the living conditions of Roma people, youth, and other vulnerable groups in the country.

Among other projects, our member was at the forefront of supporting Roma and refugees in transit with food and hygiene aid kit, training courses, large scale laundry facilities and legal assistance.

The report also highlights the many projects and collaborations the organisation carried along with local authorities, as well as its advocacy work aimed at urging policymakers to put the social welfare at the top of their political agenda.

To read the full version of the report, please consult the English version available online.

For more information regarding EHO’s work, please visit the organisation’s website.